"Invisible resistance", 5th generation of oval chainring
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Nearly Circle, Not Circle

Shape of 5G Pro/Nano are almost circular. But its characteristics are not circular’s. It makes your ‘pedaling’ circular.

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MGLR Glide

Great shifting performance of oval chainring. (patent pending)

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Give more chances to select

AL6061 chainrings give user more chances to experience various shape, ovality and size with affordable prices.


DOVAL Chainrings (4G) ?

since 2011, South Korea
Design concept of DOVAL Chainring

■ Design concept of DOVAL Chainring started from exercise equipment, not bicycle. (We have made this exercise equipment: www.cys3d.com) 'CAM' and 'Movement starting position adjustment' function is applied to most lower body exercise equipment such as leg extension or leg curl. (see the figure below) The application of 'CAM' makes it possible to distribute a body load, and 'Movement starting position adjustment' makes it possible to cope with a special human condition. ■ These two concepts of 'CAM' and 'Movement starting position adjustment' were applied to a bicycle which people had used with adapting to it, not being developed with fitting people so far though we have a bicycle history of more than 200 years. We have already verified that this is possible through 10,000 and more users in Korea for the past 3 years.

  • ① The improvement of average speed and the increase of traveling distance owing to the increase of output section (2 times larger than that of circular one, 1.5 times larger than that of symmetric oval one) ② Easy uphill and stable dancing owing to the application of asymmetric oval shape (PCT/KR2012/006634)

  • Saddle sore and hand numbness prevention, knee and back rehabilitation mode, and bicycle fitting reevaluation

  • 4G DOVAL is made for rehabilitation and flat peedal. 11.7%, 13.5%, 16% ovality gives different experiences to user.

  • Tuning-up human body

DOVAL Laboratory

DOVAL Technical laboratory

Younseok Choi

CEO, Inventor
CEO, Inventor of DOVAL chainrings. cys3d.com, doval.me.

YT Kim

Chief Designer
YT Kim

CK Hwang

CK Hwang

SH Park

SH Park

JW Park

Global seller – South East Asia
JW Park

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